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Product: Busy Water Age Range: 6-8 Years Old Skills: Understanding cause and effect, refinement of fine motor skills, building cognitive agility and reasoning skills. The App I choose to play and observe is “Busy Water” by EDOKI ACADEMY. I do see how this came will help kids learn to build reasoning skills and learn about cause and effect. In the game, you have to move the pipes in the direction that will connect the one end (that has a fish and water) to the other end, to then get the fish and water to fall into the other end. As the levels go on there are other factors that get added. For example, there is a pipe that has three holes instead of two and there is a cork to stop up one of the holes. The child then has to decided where to place that pipe and which hole is needed to be stopped. The privacy of this app is taken seriously and there is no need to add any information at all into this app. Their app says they take the children’s privacy very seriously and are certified COPPA complaint by PRIVO. When I first started playing this game I was concerned and thought that it would be too easy even for a young kid. However as the levels have gone on, they get more and more complicated. There are components to this game that add on with each level. I feel that it is a very fun game that enhances the minds of children without them feeling that they are playing an education game. It is giving them opportunities to learn how to problem solve. If a teacher were to use this in the classroom, I would use it as a tool during some free time. I wouldn’t say it should be used as an everyday learning app that really “teaches” the kids a ton of knowledge. I feel that it would help kids build skills necessary for everyday skills. This game is also so fun that I think the kids would enjoy doing it as a game during free time. I think this game could also be used in the classroom as a break during exercises. If I were in a classroom, I would set up three (more challenging) learning activies for the students to do, and have this game as the 4th “station.” Then I’d have them break up and have a group for all four stations. I would have them rotate every five or ten minutes to practice the different activities and having this app as a station would give them a little mind break that they would view as fun but would still have an underlying motive. Having teacher guidance while using this app could be helpful to the kids because they will understand how to do some of the features that the game. Some levels require the phone or tablet to be tilted in the direction the fish needs to move. I think that at first kids could get confused or frustrated with this but once they get the hang of it I’m sure it would be a good learning experience