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trash just dont get it i almost puked when i didn't get excepted lOl
age 18+


Why on God's good earth is this a thing? I thought we learned from YikYak.. nope. Then Sarahahahahhh, nope. Now we have this. Lipsi is cancer and will probably die eventually, only for another app to rise to popularity with similar intentions.
age 16+


Don’t let you child or teen get this. No matter what some form of bullying/rude comments come out of this.
age 2+
age 15+

Lipsi is the path to bullying, and it’s effects

Lipsi: seems fine, right? That is until kids are sending mean, hateful, and horrible comments to each other anonymously!! So, the comments like “go die” or “your ugly” cannot be stopped. And the worst part is, those comments are given the most. No one says “your awesome!!” anonymously because why not say that in person, when that person knows it’s you showing the kind efforts. So, kids think that since it is anonymous, they can say whatever the heck they want. Which should be stopped. NOW! Please, if you are reading this, do NOT buy your child this application. Not only will it cause bullying, but it could make your child the bully!! May seem crazy but kids WILL see that it is anonymous and say whatever they choose. Please make the right descision for your child and others.

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