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Love this game

We loved this game! Got it for my child for Christmas. She's a sharp 9 year old, so finding age-appropriate content that keeps her challenged can be tricky. This was just perfect for her. I ended up sitting with her for several challenges and it is totally addicting. It's a sweet story with beautiful visuals. Each challenge requires integrating your acquired knowledge of how the game works with new information gleaned from exploring the on-screen world and the information found in Lumi's "manual", which can be referenced at any time. Several sections of the manual are referenced at each stage of the game so the player must decide what will be useful to solve each puzzle. Requires patience. Requires creativity. Requires a willingness for trial and error. My daughter got stumped several times, but that only made the triumphs more fun. As I said, I played it at various times with her and I didn't want to put it down. Fun for grown ups too. Absolutely no inappropriate content.

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