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Favorite Game to play together

My daughter is 10 and we have been playing The Room games since she was 7. Actually I got it for myself initially and she took it from me and ripped through the first few chapters (it’s not easy!) We played with the sound off as the music can make it scary. There is an occasional skull but mostly I would describe the atmosphere as ‘steampunk’ The puzzles are great and we have played all 3 multiple times. Don’t get bogged down in the notes left around, they usually have one vague direction and some confusing text that tries to be mysterious but isn’t. We turn on the clues and sometimes smack our foreheads for reading them too soon. I was a Myst fan in my day and would describe this story line as ‘Myst light’

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Strong mixed feelings...

The game play, graphics and story line are engaging, top notch even. My problem with the game is that it contains a number of subtle references to elements of a demonic nature which I believe helps children to accept these dangerous subjects and begin to normalize their acceptance of occultism and dark spiritual forces in their everyday lives. Subtle creeping wickedness is designed to desensitize our children to evil and my choice is to, while acknowledging its existence with them, keep my child as far from it as possible. Allow your child to play this at your own risk.
age 8+

My kids LOVE this game

My husband got this game for himself, and the kids saw him playing and wanted a turn. My 5 yr old and 8 yr old love it. 5 yr old can't play alone because complex reading is required. They love solving the puzzles, and once they made it all the way through they go back and play again. My 3 yr old likes to play around with it but misses the point in most cases. There are hints that lead you to the next puzzle if you get stuck. The story line is dark, but my kids mostly ignored the narrative and focused on the puzzles. Only drawback is that you reach a point where there are no more puzzles and the game is over.
age 15+

Any person under 15 needs to have a parent present while playing to answer questions and guide this is just a game and isn't real

Any person under 13 needs to have a parent present while playing to answer questions and guide this is just a game and isn't real. With that said, this isn't just some game. It's perfect maze, puzzle, labyrinth, or riddle game. While it makes you think, it doesn't lead you a stray or down a blind tunnel. It does have some very mysterious music, I don't like horror movies or scary movies, so I turned down the music... Unless the clues specifically said, "listen to...." I love the game and played it with my kid. Opens my kid's mind and ability to new kinds of puzzles that need to be "figured out". Life isn't handed to anyone on a silver platter, this helps some realize it.
age 18+

A lot too dark

While the game play is very well done, it has very dark overtones. There are numerous symbols that could be satanic or ritual symbols (for lack of a better explanation). They could be completely made up symbols, but it is obvious they are meant to be dark. It also discusses harnessing the power of a Babylonian god. I did not finish the game as I did not feel the desire to continue.