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Mom and teen having a conversation in front of a window

Talking with Teens and Preteens About Pornography

January 10, 2023

Tips and scripts to promote healthy communication and development.

Parent/caregiver with arm around child

Kids' Mental Health Apps and Websites for Anxiety, Depression, Coping Skills, and Professional Support

August 1, 2022

Apps, sites, and text hotlines help kids cope with issues from stress to suicide.

YouTube Kids Channels for Encouraging Movement

YouTube Kids Channels for Encouraging Movement

July 26, 2022

Get kids up and at 'em with these energetic videos.

How to Help Teens Manage the Effects of Social Media on Their Mental Health

June 30, 2022

4 tips for families on balancing the risks and rewards of online communities.

Screen Time in the Age of the Coronavirus

January 12, 2022

Common Sense Media's research director explains the science behind the new screen rules.

Practical Tips for Easing Kids' Social Media Anxiety

March 16, 2021

Fear of missing out can make social media-using teens feel stressed. Here's how you can help.

11 Social Media Red Flags Parents Should Know About

March 15, 2021

Find out which social media features are cause for concern -- no matter which app your kid is using.