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Guide to ChatGPT for Parents and Caregivers

August 30, 2023

Find out how the artificial intelligence (AI) tool works and how to talk with kids about it.

Helping Kids Navigate the World of Artificial Intelligence

May 15, 2023

Ways to explore the latest tech with children and guide them to use new tools responsibly.

Online Camps for a Summer of Learning Adventures

May 13, 2022

Virtual camps and classes offer a wide variety of enrichment to keep kids busy, learning, and having fun.

Parents' Ultimate Guide to Google Classroom

March 17, 2021

Google's free-to-schools organization platform makes it easy for students to keep all their schoolwork in one place -- but it invites privacy and safety risks that parents should keep an eye on.

Parents' Ultimate Guide to Zoom

March 17, 2021

Learn more about the video-conferencing software your kid is probably using for class right now.

Keeping Kids Motivated for Online Learning

March 12, 2021

Helpful tips and techniques to encourage and motivate your kids during virtual lessons.

Tips and Scripts for Managing Screen Time When School Is Online

March 12, 2021

Call your kids' activities what they are -- playtime, work time, friend time, family time, downtime -- and help kids take responsibility for what they can do and when.

How to Get Kids Ready to Video-Chat for Online Classes

March 12, 2021

Avoid rookie mistakes by doing a trial run, testing your equipment, and reviewing appropriate behavior for online lessons.