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Spring Break Activities for Families

Keep kids learning and having fun with these screen-free activities.

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Make time for some family fun this spring! If you're looking to balance screen time during your child's spring break, here are ways you can make precious memories together, without the use of devices. You could even let different family members take turns choosing activities each day.

At-Home Olympics

Design and create a series of Olympic events in your home. Compete with everyone in the family, and invite friends to join!

Create a Board Game

Design and create a board game based on something your kids have learned recently.

Book Club

Make a reading list and create a mini book club. You could also schedule a trip to the library to pick up books to read or listen to.

Bird Watching

Visit your local park and have a bird-watching contest. How many can you spot? Which colors do you notice?

Write and Perform

Help your kids write an original song or spoken word poem. It could be about their favorite activities, shows, or anything that's on their minds lately.

Gratitude Jar

Decorate a jar together. Each day, ask your family to write something they're thankful for and add it to the jar. Read them together at the end of the week.

Flower Safari

Walk around your neighborhood and see how many different types of flowers and plants there are. Bring a notebook and draw your favorite!

Design a Treasure Hunt

Make a treasure hunt with the kids and stash clues around your home. Don't forget to draw a map to the treasure!

Make a Family Movie Guide

Are there movies your kids love to watch over and over again? Create your own movie guide with reviews, key scenes, and discussion questions for the family.

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