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Star Wars Age-by-Age Guide

Find out which Star Wars movies, TV shows, books, games, and apps are appropriate for every age.

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Kids of all ages have been fans of the Star Wars franchise since 1977. Even kids as young as 2 and 3 can name all of the major characters, which often tempts parents to plan a Star Wars movie night. It may also spark questions about what content is ok to bring in when.

Not all Star Wars content is the same when it comes to intensity. The silly fun of Lego Star Wars is a lot easier for younger kids to handle than Revenge of the Sith.

If your family is ready for lightsabers, here's a complete age guide for enjoying Star Wars with your kids. Keep in mind that all kids are different, so consider your child's ability to handle peril and conflict before making the jump to hyperspace.

Age 5-6

Your Padawan is ready to begin with the basics—nothing too scary.


Read and Play:

Age 7

Training continues: Kids are ready for the first movie of the original trilogy as well as some fun TV shows and apps—there's plenty of action, but it all works out OK.



Age 8–9

The original saga concludes, the prequels begin, and the story expands in new ways. Action and peril intensify, and characters become more complex.




Age 10–11

Get in on the action: Games and the internet can help bridge the gap between the kid-friendly and the edgier movies.




Age 12–15

Beware the Dark Side: The final movie of the prequel trilogy is extremely intense. Other content also gets edgier at this point.



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