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YouTube Kids Channels for Art Enthusiasts

Channels and creators promoting hands-on activities that inspire kids to get creative.

YouTube Kids channels are the perfect companions for creative fun anytime, and these particular shows are both enjoyable and inspiration-worthy. Kids can jump in and fine-tune their artistic skills with a familiar activity or try something brand-new and watch their creative vision come to life.

These creator channels, available in the separate YouTube Kids app, were reviewed by Common Sense Media's affiliated partner Sensical and chosen for their expertise in creating thoughtful, easy-to-follow videos showcasing a wide range of artistic activities for kids age 2 to 10.

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Kylee Makes It - Art Videos for Kids (age 2–7)

Kylee makes it…and so can you! Art is at the heart of this series that invites families to engage in creative expression and exploration together. In addition to teaching DIY art projects and experiments, Kylee models how art can help kids develop communication and social skills, learn about other subjects, and make connections across experiences.

Arts and Crafts with Crafty Carol (age 5–7)

Get your hands ready for some do-it-yourself kids' crafts! These fun, easy-to-follow tutorials are sure to inspire kids to engage with their own hands-on projects. Kids can experiment with materials and methods as they work on creations of their own, like a DIY moon lamp or festive holiday wreath.

Easy Kids Craft (age 5–7)

Easy Kids Craft is just that–a series of fun, short, and simple videos that will inspire kids to start making! Each video features the visual evolution of an art project from a pile of supplies to an impressive finished product. Kids can watch, cut, glue, and create along–there's no limit to how creative they can be or how many masterpieces they can make.

Mister Maker (age 5–7)

Artsy kids will love Mister Maker. Each video uses common household items to make interesting, useful, and even silly creations. Projects are always easy and entertaining and will get kids using their imagination.

Mr. Schuette's Art Class (age 5–7)

Curious about how to draw? Mr. Schuette's Art Class is perfect for young, emerging artists who want to know more about art, art history, technique, and the masters. The up-close tutorials are easy to follow, with fascinating narration that supports the lesson.

Art & Crafts by Three Sisters (age 5–10)

Being crafty doesn't need to be complicated...or expensive! Crafting is all about being creative for these resourceful sisters. From DIY bird feeders to holiday napkin rings, this series will inspire kids to see the creative potential of common household objects.

Art for Kids Hub (age 5–10)

Get out some art supplies and join the Art for Kids Hub family. No matter their skill level, kids will love this series, which offers easy-to-follow and engaging drawing tutorials that kids and adults can do together. They'll learn artistic techniques, tips, and tricks as they bring some of their favorite animals, and characters to life on paper.

The Artful Parent (age 5–10)

At The Artful Parent, the journey of creation is more important than the final product. Engaging in an art project together is a fun way for families to connect as they showcase their individual skills and style. Each tutorial encourages kids and families to explore, tinker, and play together as they craft a masterpiece. As the theme song says, "It's time to create, experiment, and make something great!"

Hello Origami (age 8–10)

These videos are full of fun, bright origami projects that can be made with everyday supplies. Follow along to make seasonal crafts, flapping butterflies, and everything in between! There's something for everyone to create, and kids will love seeing what they can make next!

Red Ted Art (age 8–10)

Red Ted Art is a video series that features fun, easy craft projects like origami, bookmarks, and holiday decorations. Clear step-by-step instructions allow tweens and teens to complete the crafts on their own. Young children can do them as "together projects" with a parent or caregiver.

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These titles were reviewed by Common Sense Media's affiliated partner Sensical, a free service from the for-profit Common Sense Networks.

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