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Friday Night Movie Night: 12.13.13

What's new on DVD, on demand, and streaming for your family movie night.
Sierra Filucci Editorial Manager, Ratings and Reviews | Mom of two Categories: We recommend
Editorial Manager, Ratings and Reviews | Mom of two

At the end of a long week of work and school, watching a movie together is a low-stress way to spend some family time together. Check out these movies that are new on DVD, streaming, or on demand through your cable TV service. (Plus, here are some great ideas to make family movie night a success.)

Despicable Me 2, ages 6 and up

Parents might write this animated comedy off as kids' play, but the characters are actually rather charming and Steve Carrell (The Office) brings a delightfully wicked sense of humor to the role of the big-hearted but criminally minded Gru. Available on DVD.

Galaxy Quest, ages 8 and up

The sci-fi spoof is the stuff of uncontrollable laughter, even for adults. Expect a few saucy jokes and references, but for the most part Galaxy Quest is something kids and adults will enjoy equally, especially if they're all sci-fi fans. Available on Amazon Instant Video.

Mud, ages 14 and up

It's hard to find a movie that teens and parents can enjoy together without getting squeamish, but Mud rides the line between juicy storytelling and mature content without showing too much. Mature teens will enjoy the coming-of-age tale while parents will be mesmerized by Matthew McConaughey's performance as a drifter. Available on iTunes.

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