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Get Cybersmart with Phineas and Ferb

The silly step-brothers offer smart advice about online safety.
Caroline Knorr Parenting Editor | Mom of one Categories: Internet safety and privacy
Parenting Editor | Mom of one

Did you know...

  • Everything you do online takes place in front of a huge number of strangers?

  • What you post online can be copied, changed, and sent to other people?

  • There are no secrets online?

  • You're leaving a permanent (and searchable) record any time you post something?

Listen to Phineas and Ferb

Phineas and Ferb follow a few Rules of the Road that keep them safe and private online. And if they work for them, they'll work for you!

How many of these rules you follow?

1. Guard your privacy. What people know about you is up to you. A secret you tell one person can be forwarded to many others!

2. Protect your reputation. What other people know about you is up to you. What’s funny today can embarrass you tomorrow.

3. Nothing is private online. Anything you say or do can be copied, pasted, and sent to gazillions of people without your permission.

4. Assume everyone is watching. There’s a huge audience out there. If someone is your friend’s friend, they can see everything. Do you really want your teacher to know what you said about her?

5. Be nice. Apply the Golden Rule. If you don’t want it done to you, don’t do it to someone else.

6. Watch the clock, and balance your life. A real soccer game beats one on an Xbox, and a virtual hug never matches a real one. Besides, your parents will flip out with joy if they see you turning off your computer and playing outside with friends instead.

7. Choose wisely. When you search for certain words (you know what they are), you can get back more than you bargained for. Stuff that you really don't need to see and that can be really upsetting. Be smart about using search. Besides, your parents can find out, and that's a discussion you don't want, either.

8. Don't hide. Using anonymity to cloak your actions doesn’t turn you into a trustworthy, responsible human being.

9. Think about what you see. Just because it’s online doesn’t make it true.

10. Be smart, be safe. Not everyone is who they say they are. But you know that.

Kids, test your parents to see whether they know the cyberspace rules of the road.

Show your parents that you know more than they do!

If you follow the Rules of the Road that Phineas and Ferb do, don't you think your parents should follow them, too? Click here to make sure your YOUR parents do their part!

How do you stay safe and smart online?

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