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age 14+

Proceed with caution!

I have read to chapter 25. I really like the story line and like the interaction between characters. However, it definitely has language, especially variations of sh**. Several of the characters have sexual relationships. As far as I can remember it all happens off page but is referenced frequently. The expert reviewer missed the mark on this one. Again, proceed with caution.
age 14+

Reading it now - some initial thoughts

I will update my review when we're done with it. I knew this was meant for kids, but didn't look into the ratings before I started reading it to my 10-year-old. Glad she's not reading it on her own. In the third chapter, I was surprised to see implied sexual references... both "The best at sucking his -" (doesn't say the word) and implying a character is distracted because another character "didn't put out last night." I breezed past these when reading it aloud, but wanted to get an initial review in case you don't want your kid reading this type of content. A queen has already had her throat slit. Which my daughter was intrigued by & I'm not as worried about. Just, again, be aware if you're concerned about this type of thing. I will update later with a better review, since I'm only on chapter 4.

This title has:

Too much sex
age 16+

Not for Young Teens but Great

This book is not for young teens. There is way more sexual content and especially more language than what is mentioned in the review. The book is obviously quite violent just from the title. There are a lot of instances of violence (can't say too much without going into detail), but it's fairly descriptive. There is also a lot of sexual content. Two of the queens are in a secret relationship with each other. A queen is in a relationship with a male advisor. Keralie and Varin have a few moments. Overall in the book, there is some passionate kissing, longing looks, dreaming about being with each other, but no sexual activity actually happens. As for language, there are lots of s-words, b-----d, b----h, a--, h---, d---, b------t, but no f words (as far as I can remember). But I don't understand how the review says there's no language when the language is fairly heavy. It's not like there's cursing every chapter, but some characters are more likely to do it than others. Although it may sound like I have a lot to say against this book, I actually do not. I'm just trying to fill in the content that was missed in the review. I actually really loved this book. I loved the ingenuity of the mystery and how I felt like I couldn't put the book down. I really liked all of the different POVs the novel had. I also really loved how satisfying all of it was. The ending was perfect. Although it does have some minor hitches (like the language and a bit too much sexual content, imo) the book was really fantastic. But I would not feel comfortable allowing a thirteen year old to read it. Older teens would probably get more out of this book and some of the content isn't really appropriate for a thirteen year old to be reading, but that's just my two cents. -shrug-

This title has:

Too much violence
Too much sex
Too much swearing