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Harriet the Spy

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age 9+

Definately not a role model

I don't like the things Harriet says and the way she thinks about people, even saying her own mother his dumb. She refers to people as fat as well. This is not proper or kind and not accepted in our household.
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age 13+
Curse words present The child cusses at her parents and says some terrible things. Not a good role model.
age 15+

Soooo much consumerism

Harriet the Spy has soooo much consumerism. It will make kids want a cook, cake and milk after school, and a nursemaid. Don't show it to your kids until they are old enough to see that consumerism is evil.

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Too much consumerism
age 8+


It is a good book but if you’re under eight you might think of it in a different way than you should.

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Great messages
age 9+


I remember reading this book over and over until I was a teenager. It made me realize how people are different yet the same.

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Educational value
Great messages
age 9+

good if they're old enough to know right from wrong

If your child is old enough to understand that the point of a book is to observe behavior and decide for oneself whether that behavior is right or wrong, this is a great book. Harriet's behavior (some of which is completely unacceptable -- like sneaking into neighbor's houses) helps the reader understand and empathize with her state of mind and furthers the storyline.
age 16+