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A classic kid books maybe inspires mischief behavior

I enjoyed this book, but am a bit concerned about all the mischief Madeline commits; does the book promote doing mischief? I mean -- I feel like that's the whole point of the book to make the book interesting. Overall, this book is a fun read; kids 7+ should read this book.
age 4+

Great for little kids!

Okay, the books and the movies delighted me so much when I was 5 and 6 years old! Of course, I don't think they're that great now, but back then I loved Madeline! The books and the movies are very educational. Kids will learn some French like, "Au revoir!" and "Bonjour!" I learned those words at age 5 or 6 and I knew what they meant. Plus, Madeline has great manners and she can teach kids how to be polite and respectful. The books and the shows aren't annoying like Dora or The Wiggles. The shows and the books have great role models and positive messages! Parent's, these books and shows are a great pick for your child. I don't think kids that are older than 6 will be too thrilled with the books or the shows.

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Educational value
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