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More of a Warning

As a writer myself, I never like to leave reviews that are not encouraging/ or at least positive to the author if they ever stumbled across it, because I know how it feels to have people be just plain negative and trust me it isn't fun. SPOILERS AHEAD. However, I like to have fair warnings to the maturity of a book, and it might help a few people to see this as I've seen the ratings are a bit off. The romance is lower than a lot of YA books, and there are actually only two kisses, but there's a certain scene where Pia is watching Eio climb a waterfall, noticing his shorts slipping down, I believe the words, "threatening to undress him" are used. A bit farther into the scene Pia admits(to herself) that her imagination ran wild watching him walk up to her like that (although phrased differently). To me, that's a bit more than 'kissing'. Also a lot of the women of the village go around topless, although it's presented as "normal" in the village and there's nothing sexual connected to it. "Screw you" is not the only thing that sparks out of the characters' mouths, though damn and hell are the worst it gets. The former used much more frequently. Violence wise, it's honestly not described much. I find some parts much more saddening than violent. The last plot twist is a bit of a sickening one, probably the thing that led to "thriller" being put in the description here. Just a last note, the whole thing seems to have a 'balance in life' kind of attitude. It's a tribal type village, and it has a polytheistic type of religion, with a classic elder who heals the tribe and has the aura of dealing with the future and spirits around him.
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I loved this book

I personally loved this book so so much, I would give a caution warning though ⚠️ I do say that this book is a little sensitive I myself actually cried at maybe two scenes to tell the truth, and I've gotta say there are a few violent scenes and would maybe rate around the 12+ reading range though I feel anyone who would like should read this book, I find it very beautiful in its own way and touching you get very involved and into it, I do recommend everyone I know to read this story and found most really like even love the book, it's not at all sexual (sorry if I affend some with that word) but they do share a few kisses along with some longing glances, but that's my review as I found this book very touching and recommend anyone to read, oh sorry one for thing about the whole sciFi rating it's not really that sci-fi I personally don't find myself liking those genres but this book is something better. I hoped this helped and sorry for the long review.
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This is great for people who like romance and sci-fi novels. It's a teen fiction, so it has a lot of romance, but it's fine for younger kids because they never do more than kiss. There's a little bit of mild violence.