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Common Sense Media says

Richly conceived dragon fantasy with stellar young heroine.





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Teen, 17 years old Written bytripp106 December 3, 2012

Loved it!

My thoughts:
I’ve never really read straight up fantasy. And, as far as I can remember, I have never read a book “about” dragons. So, this was a very new experience for me. I was worried it would be boring and I would be stuck reading it for 3 weeks (Because, of course, it is an absurdity to put a book a down!). But, alas, it was not! I read its 400 and some page self in 2 days, and it was actually good! Not sure that I’m actually jumping on the fantasy band wagon; but, I’m not totally looking the other way as it rolls by now.

I loved the way it was written, it felt old and somewhat European. I laughed at myself as I tried to put everything in the realm of my understanding, “That accent must be like a Jersey thing” or “Oh, those people are like Swedish”. It actually had a bit of a Steam-Punk vibe in some parts, which was really cool. Honestly, there’s no way to really pin down this book; it is completely and utterly unique.

It’s fairly rare that I adore the main character; I usually pick someone more obscure. But, I love Seraphina! She’s bright and loving. Her struggles feel so real, and, in a not so literal sense, are easy to relate too! Prince Lucian/Kiggs is pretty great too; I liked him all the way through, but, he’s best right at the end. I also really like Princess Gliselda and Orma, honestly though, all the characters are uber cool in their own right.

There’s an index of characters and a glossary in the back of the book, the latter of which I would recommend the reader make their best friend. Though, after I finally discovered the glossary, it did not contain half the words I went searching in it for.

I really enjoyed reading this! The world is absolutely mesmerizing and the writing is intriguing, how could one possibly go wrong?

Language: Moderate-Minor and moderate words used in moderations.
Sexual content: Moderate-Little things that add up.
Violence: Mild- Some old style fighting, bullying, and a dragon vs. dragon fight

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Teen, 14 years old Written byTripFoot August 8, 2013


Seraphina is a beautiful, beautiful book, worthy of all the awards it's won. It held me fascinated in the beginning, bored me a bit in the early midsection, really gripped me around page 250, held me in an intricately-crafted gossamer spell near the end, and then, and then... *DON'T WORRY, NO SPOILERS* on Rachel Hartman's website, there is an entry where she talks about some medieval music that inspired here. I went there to look which music I should play while reading, in that moment, a "fan art" link caught my eye. So I clicked it, and saw two pictures. The first one was just a black and white version of the dragon from the book cover, but the other picture... that was the one that broke the spell. It's hard to explain why it upset me so much, but here's a try: It depicted a moment near the end I hadn't got to, so it was obviously VERY spoiler-y. But that's not why I was so upset. You see, the moment was between characters I had dearly loved, and in the picture, they were very poorly drawn; their heads were too big, they looked cartoony and ugly, and the whole deal was just to grotesque and insulting... it really hit deep and offended me. And it wasn't just the picture itself, but the fact that Ms. Hartman put it on her website instead of many lovelier pictures (yes, there are more, and much better) as if she were saying, "look, what a lovely depiction of my book!" And that was the main thing, the feeling I was reading something much less magical than I thought. I know I'm likely overreacting, but I'll need to distance myself from the book for a while. The Worm Ouroboros, you're next!

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Too much swearing
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