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Absolutely worst book I have ever read

This book hurt my brain because of how absolutely brain dead the characters are in the book. !!!!Spoilers for every complaint I have for this story!!!! I had to read this book for English over the summer and it took me a month to finish. Starting from the main driving problem of the corpse in the river their actions make no sense. When 5 girls ages 8 to 17 see a dead body in a river I would never think hey we should return this guy to his family 500 miles away. Even with their empathy for him and their mass grave scar they have no reason to do it. Then their stupidity and the Deus Ex Machina continues when their car breaks down. In the house they would be just stuck and they would die there in joy but randomly and for no known reason la Llorrona just goes and saves them. This makes no sense having Llorona seeming like she was going to just be an important side character that guided them and didn't really help them. Then after they see a fortune teller the girls don't listen to a word she says. Later on when they see a cart with a donkey that looks like a beloved figure they just trust it after hearing about a shapeshifter that would trick them. Because of this they are stuck in a cave and out of nowhere they just randomly remember a song that they remembered from childhood and are saved; as a singer they would probably have remembered more songs so it was just weird. Then we see their stupidity again with the chupacabra. After they were warned about a chupacabra and they were tricked by the donkey and cart for some reason they trusted a SINGLE CHILD IN THE MIDDLE OF NOWHERE. The 5 sisters are the most naive and brain dead humans in the entire world. Now not only are the characters stupid but the author adds in pointless and Idiotic actions to make the story unnecessarily continue. Around the end of the book when they are all on the border they don't want to cross it because they DON'T HAVE THEIR ID OR PASSPORTS. Now all throughout their time in Mexico THE FBI AND EVERYONE HAS BEEN LOOKING FOR THEM. Because of this they could have just gone up to the border and said that they are them and they would have known because they had a news broadcast that probably was sent nationwide. But no, instead they had to go through this unnecessary scene through the Mayan afterlife and do a whole thing with roses giving us 20-30 more pages because the author wanted us to and didn't have a better way for them to get into a church. There were plenty of ways to get them into the church such as their truck ran out of gas in a small town or they decided to stop at a church because of how religious they are but no. Now one important part of this book is the mythology. Because of this it is a possibility that it could have made it a little interesting. However as a student who has learned little of Mexican mythology and who was assigned this book it was absolutely terrible. Not understanding the history of La Llorrona and some of the other mythical beasts just made them cookie cutter characters who didn't really stand out or seem interesting. Additionally along with the Mexican mythology I also wasn't a fan of them randomly changing words to Spanish. I understand if the author wants to keep some of the traditional words in Spanish for feel or there is no translation, but it is said that actually nearly every single line in the book is in Spanish so it would make no sense for these random words to be said in Spanish because as I said it's all Spanish. Now these are just some of the problems with the book but in general I think it was just a mess and I feel like it could have been a good book if it was given to the right people and if some of the problems were fixed.
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this book is so trash

i dont like this book with a passion

This title has:

Too much consumerism
Too much drinking/drugs/smoking