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The Kingdom of Wrenly Series

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Great fantasy series is simple and fun.

SPOILER WARNING! I discovered The Kingdom of Wrenly series when I was around eight and was looking for good books that were entertaining, but not too scary. When I first saw these books at a bookstore, I loved the gorgeous covers and illustrations, and bought the book without knowing if the story was any good. Thankfully it was, and I enjoyed these books a lot when I was younger. As I got older and reread the series, though, I was annoyed with how, in one of the later books, Clara is often told that she can't be a knight because she's a girl. This bothered me because, in a story that's set in a completely made-up world, there doesn't have to be those kinds of ideas. Here are the rest of my thoughts on this interesting series: POSITIVE MESSAGES (3/5)- There are positive messages about being kind and generous to people. POSITIVE ROLE MODELS (3/5)- Lucas and Clara are good, kind people. Like Common Sense Media said, Lucas's parents listen to him and pay attention to his concerns and ideas. CHARACTERS: There are many interesting and complicated characters in this series that kids will like. Lucas and Clara are entertaining and brave, and kids will enjoy seeing how characters like Tilda and Bella change and become more likeable. VIOLENCE AND SCARINESS (2/10)- There is nothing violent or scary in the first book. Lucas's pet dragon, Ruskin, gets sick in the second book and almost dies. The third book is about a sea monster. There is an illustration of a sea serpent next to a boat on page 31. There is an illustration of the serpent on page 56 that might scare kids. A few pages later there is another illustration of the serpent, but it's less scary. Lucas and Clara see the serpent later in the story, and they realize that it had a fishing net stuck on its head. Ruskin gets the net off the serpent's head and the serpent swims away. The fourth book is about a witch who cursed the kingdom, and the witch's appearance may bother kids. In the sixth book, Lucas's cousin Bella loses her dog in a cave. Lucas, Clara, and Bella find the dog later. Lucas almost drowns in the eight book, but he is saved by a mermaid. In the ninth book, a character tells a story about a giant snake and there a few illustrations of the snake. In a scene that is likely to scare kids, Lucas and Will see a basilisk in a cave. It almost attacks them, but Lucas and Will play music, which puts the monster to sleep. I have only read nine Kingdom of Wrenly books, so I'm not sure if there is anything scarier later in the series. WHAT AGE CAN A KID READ IT? I said eight and up because I think kids younger than eight might find the series too scary, but if your kid has been begging to read it, six and up is probably OK. IS IT A GOOD FANTASY SERIES? Yes, but it's not as complicated as other fantasy books, and the world is pretty simple and Disney-ish. It's not super original or brilliant, but the series will entertain kids and get them interested in reading more fantasy stories. In conclusion, The Kingdom of Wrenly is a fun series that's easy to read and good for families with older kids to read together and discuss.
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First Chapter book

I really liked this book when I was younger it was my first chapter book I read it at seven and I loved the series I would read one book in like 2 days. hope this helps you

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