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age 16+

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age 7+

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age 12+

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age 11+

Pretty fun

This is a very entertaining wild west adventure. It suits me just fine. If you have kids this would be the perfect game for them. About the game: It does have some blood, but not enough to be bad for them. And it does have violence, but not to much violence. So this game suits 11+ year olds fine.

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Easy to play/use
age 12+

Bro excuse me?

Lol this game Isent 16+ yes, there's some blood but it's not a ton, it's never lingered on or glamorized, and it's top down which lessens the impact MORE. There's a all bit of sexual reference (brothels) but nothing shown. Yes they say alot of cuss words but If you really have an issue with that then you need to pull your kid out of public school now, and never let him/her out of there room. Swear words are everywhere. It's a part of life. They just words. It's nothing to be scared of or offended by. Just like fight night champion they went way over board cuz some language. It's hella hard tho. If your kid likes to rage quit then they best not play this. Even on the easiest difficulty

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Too much swearing