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Divinity: Original Sin II - Definitive Edition

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age 12+

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age 13+

If your child asks to play it, I beg of you let them (within reason)

Give this review a full read before making your decision. This game has its mature aspects for sure. There IS some mild profanity. There IS ONE single tiny quest that involves suggested sex and is so out of the way and obscurely described that I doubt a young mind would pick up on it. There IS suggestive drinking and drug usage. There IS violence and mild blood. BUT: This game presents moral choices, problem solving, and general adventure in such a wonderful way. Your choices have genuine impact on others and the world around you. Everything in the game takes planning as rushing into things often ends in failure and unforeseen consequences. If your child already grasps slightly more complex games then this is an excellent seque into a more immersive world.
age 9+

Not bad at all!

This game is very deep but has nothing inappropriate at all! Yes there is some blood but no gore. There is absolutely no swearing at all. It is very good and does not deserve the M eating it gets. Probably the best RPG I’ve ever played and I highly recommend it! If you are on the fence and think it will be inappropriate just because it has an M rating, you should get it because it is appropriate. 10/10

This title has:

Great messages
Great role models
age 13+

Not for little kids, but only fantasy violence.

Fantasy violence from a distant perspective. Not for little kids, but fine for all teens

This title has:

Too much violence