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Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon

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age 8+

My favorite DS game of all time

Fire Emblem is probably my favorite DS game of all time . I love it but it has too much talk about death, revenge, and destruction for kids under 8 years old.

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Too much violence
Great messages
age 10+

Pretty good, but the GameBoy versions win

Okay, this is a good game, don't get me wrong. It's just not as good as the first two games were for the GBA. The ability to rescue characters is now gone, the Dancer/Bard class is gone, there's just a lot of nice details from the first two games is missing in this one. As far as gameplay goes, it's primarily the same, except for the addition of using the touch screen to movie your characters, though it seems easier to just use the buttons to me. As far as appropriateness goes, it think it's okay for maybe 10+. Some rather brief language, mild violence, though the talk of death, darkness & world domination is pretty overwhelming, & a few mild suggestive themes (a few girls have semi-skimpy outfits). Also, like the site said it's got a pretty complex reading level so younger kids probably won't get the story much (heck, I'm 17 & I didn't even know some of the words in this game).