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For the others who criticize the game for missing elements present in the GBA titles, this is a near port of the original Japan-only Fire Emblem on the NES, with much better graphics. This also means that it's a great game for Fire Emblem beginners, although Fire Emblem for the GBA contains a far more comprehensive tutorial. As for content, it contains people fighting with weapons like swords, axes and bows, and contains magic that may conflict with religious faith, but there is no blood, and isn't as violent as some other strategy games. Dead units disappear instead of leaving behind a body, and permanent death of characters can be turned off, resulting in the character reappearing later. Regardless, you may not want your children exposed to this content.

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Too much violence
age 12+

War game dishes out consequences for not thinking- even for a second.

Ah, yes. Fire Emblem, the thinking man's war game. The controls are bone-head easy, but the actual game is far too hard for even adults (even on easy.) The reason why it's hard is very original; play like you regularly do (send a bunch of people out to war and see who comes back) will get you to the next level. But be forewarned. All of the characters in this game have unique characteristics, and you bond with them. See, the reason why this game is so hard is that if one of the characters die, that person will be gone forever. So think twice before you send out your best Horseman to fight the boss without backup.

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Great messages