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This title has:

Too much violence
Too much sex
age 11+

God of War ll

Fantastic game for ages 11+. Epic battles and cool graphics makes this one great game.

This title has:

Educational value
age 12+
Great game. My 12 year old little brother plays it and he isn't traumatized. This game is awesome and it has really extensice game play. Saying that this is off for kids really says that your kids are probably the ones who eat lunch by themselves. Either that or there the ones who end up whores in high school.
not rated for age
not rated for age

One of the top games on the PS2 - but not for kids

This is one of the best games for the PS2, the graphics are amazing and the controls are fluid. However, this is not recommended for kids due to the extreme violence. If you are adult and are looking for an engrossing gameplay experience, you owe it to yourself to pick this up.
not rated for age
not rated for age

a kick ass game

this game was killer and very educational!!!!!
not rated for age

Protective Parents, get over yourselves.

To be quite honest, a lot of parents want to have a flip-crap about how this game is a little to violent and sexual for their kids. Here is my answer to you: Shut your mouth and dont buy it. If you knew ANYTHING about history, especially roman and greek history/mythology, you would know that it was VERY violent and VERY sexual. Both in their real life and in their mythological stories. God of War is just following that aspect of what their culture entailed. I never understood why some parents or adults felt that it was their duty to protect the world from violent games and try to ban them. How about you pay attention to YOUR OWN kids when it comes to buying a videogame instead of everyone elses. If you dont like the game, then dont let YOUR kids play it. Dont ruin the game for anyone else by giving it a bad rating just because you dont know anything about history :P.
not rated for age

Awsome - a must have game!!!

Best $50 bucks I spent and worth every penney. No load times, awsome graphics, great control and combat, story, and game play. I couldn't put it down. You will not be dissapoined!!!
not rated for age

Great game, BUT...

This is a game with great gameplay, graphics, and storyline. While it can teach someone about Greek Mythology, it is also bloody, violent, and has some shots of bare lady-chests, though not for long periods of time or throughout the game. It is probably something a 13 year-old hasn't seen before(believe me they're sneaky).