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Everything. Theres nothing much to like at all. Timers are way too long and people stall all the time to be toxic. Most players are ruining the game just by ropping or stalling. Mostly the same few decks being run over and over. Almost no one plays anything remotely fun or interesting. Everyone just net decks the same boring decks. So many toxic cancer decks that want to bore you to death and make games last an hour while they wipe the board over and over and abuse the worst thing ever released for MTG...Planeswalkers. Ive played for about 25 years and over the last few years wizards have run the game into the ground. This is the worst version of mtg ever released and if you have a problem wizards do not care! Disgusted at the way they have managed this game.
age 13+

MTG ARENA is a Broken game

I have played magic for almost 22 years at tournament level and it is a fantastic strategy game. The introduction of MTG ARENA is the most disappointing experience i have ever had in Magic. The algorithm used is not even close to reality, let me explain. As previously stated I have played for a long time and NEVER have I drawn 7 lands in a row, in Arena I have drawn 7 lands in a row 8 times in 2 months. I have had bad draws in matches (accepted as part of the game and shuffle) but drawing things like all your big casters and 1 land, then mulligan, one land and the same cards, mulligan again, 2 lands of one color and all cards of a different color (down to 4 cards to start (if you accept it). I have played in drafts and get similar or worse. I don't rant or complain about many things in my life but once we contacted Valve we got an automated email saying the algorithm has been thoroughly tested and is fine and no action will be taken (they wont even accept the facts), then its time to move to hearthstone. Summary if you want to play magic the gathering, do it live as Arena is the worst example of MTG and the most disappointing game to play for the cost.
age 10+

Good game, irritating mechanics

Great variety of cards and tactics you can apply. Very good graphics/animations, unlike other similar games where the board is full with vibrant hokums, you can't even see where are the cards, units... This game could be really fun. And it is, on the days when the algorythm let you play normally... People beleive in "true random generated" libraries (the pack of cards you start the game with). In reality it's roughly like one day you can win on the other day you can't. And it doesn't matter if you play 20 matches on a day, 90-95% of the time you will loose. If you played card games before (real) or just have a glimps of what statistical distribution means it is obvious that the developers are playing with you. I don't like artificially generated drama. So all in all: if you or your kid like card games and doesn't really interested in fair matches then get this game. Or if they like collecting things, like virtual cards here.