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Teen, 16 years old Written byCloudIsC00L723 December 8, 2012

CSM has done it again. This game doesn't deserve a "Not For Kids" rating.

To start off, this game is NOT very violent. While the storyline does involve around a series of murders in a small Japanese town, the murders themselves are not shown and while some of the bodies are shown (one hanging on a telephone wire), no blood or gore is shown. The turn-based fighting is frequent but never ever graphic. However, some persona can be pretty bizarre/dark in appearance. As for sexual themes, THERE IS NO SEX in the game other than some topless persona, some that look like male genitals, some implied/suggested nudity and flirting here and there. But honestly, it's nothing I haven't heard about in high school and believe me, your teen has probably seen/heard a lot more explicit sexual content already in movies. Heck, CSM gave the movie Taking Woodstock "iffy" for 15+ and it has graphic nudity and they also gave Monty Python's Flying Circus "iffy" for 13+ and it has topless female nudity (mostly illustrated). Flirting is also very common in a normal high school. As for language, while swearing is frequent, it's fairly mild for an M-rating and I've heard worse in high school (such as the occasional f-word) and sometimes my teachers use s--t. This game doesn't go beyond PG-13 levels of swearing so it's really nothing to worry about. There's really one thing iffy in the game I can point out and that is that there is a long scene in a club/restaurant where some of the teen characters appear to be drunk. While a couple characters were wondering if the drinks they were having were liquor, one character explains that alcohol hasn't been served at the club they're at for years and that they're probably just "drunk on the air". One (drunk) character also insists that she ordered soft drinks. The drunk characters later play "King's Game" (similar to a drinking game) but no alcohol is consumed. Overall, this game is great (if challenging) for older teens and up. I really hope the ESRB comes out with a "Teens 15+" rating just like they did with the "Everyone 10+" rating back in 2005 because several other reviewers for the original Persona 4 and I agree that this game doesn't deserve an M-rating. I can see reasons why the ESRB gave this game an M-rating but it's nothing compared to games like Nier, Dragon's Dogma, and Bioshock. One last note is that the Japanese ratings board rated this game "C" for 15+. I hope my review was helpful and have fun saving the town of Inaba!

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