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age 8+

Extremely fun once you get into it

This is one of my favourite games ever. I put 8 in the age rating but really it could be any age. The game takes a bit of getting into but when you've got it you've got it, so don't quit just cause you're not getting it. Great educational value great messages great role models and is't tense or violent in any way

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Educational value
Great messages
Great role models
age 9+

Complicated and Time Consuming but Highly Entertaining

Civilization 6 is a strategy game where you build a civilization starting from 40000 BCE (if you start your game in the ancient era) and ends in 2050 CE unless a player has already won. The game features historical figures such as Gandhi, Trajan, Gilgamesh, Queen Victoria, Frederick Barbarossa, and John Curtin. The game is definitely complicated but there is a tutorial (which I didn't have the patience to play through). The game is very time consuming and a single game may take several hours. Some players may have trouble stopping. The game can foster historical interest in players and teach players about history. Additionally, the game includes many vocabulary words (my family had to look up what suzerain meant). The game allows civs (civilizations) to fight against each other (you can also fight against barbarians and city-states). There is no actual blood shown. You can also nuclear bomb other cities.
age 2+
age 11+

Like Horribal Historys

(I Think I Spelled Horrible Wrong) This Game IS Soo Good And I Have A Switch But There's Not Many Games I Have (Only Two) But Its Good

This title has:

Easy to play/use