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age 10+

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I have played this game 4 times in my life, and every single time I have loved this game. It features a captain you control and an expansive world you can explore. You can battle ships, trade with merchants, talk to governors of different cities, dance with their daughters to exchange information about pirates or obtain items, fence, and so much more. I’ve played this game for 3 hours once because there’s so much to do! I would love to shake the hand of the creator of this game because it is absolutely brilliant.

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Easy to play/use
age 7+

Amazing game, even for younger kids.

Wow people. I'm almost insulted by the reviews you have on this website. The best age to play this is age 10!?!?!?!??! I wasn't allowed to play M games back when i was 6 and 7, and so i played this. It actually gave me an okay storyline, and it gave me morals too. I NEVER attacked a ship from my own race, even if it had lots of stuff i could use. I never plundered one of my own towns, and i NEVER hit another ship unless I was trying to rank up or had a very specific reason. For the sexual part, i was never staring at the ladies because they don't give very good advice anyways. This game actually is fun with friends too. Some of the best times I ever had playing this game were when I had two other friends at the computer; I would steer the ship, one friend would fire the guns, and one would duel in the sword fight. And as for attacking towns, the strategy was ALWAYS fun. I learned about tactics and strategy's to help destroy my opponents, or, if I didn't have enough troops, distract the enemy troops while my soldiers snuck up to the walls. All I can say is that it's really stupid that people rate this game to be playable anywhere above nine, because by that time we've experienced better games, and so want those. For me, this was one of the best games I ever played, and I still sometimes play it today!

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Educational value
Great messages
Great role models
age 11+

Scary and I like it

I really like it,although the villains is scary,i like it,maybe this game is for older kids,because of the guns,swords,taverns,etc. But this game remind us of the pirate history and the real legendary pirates.

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Too much violence
Too much sex
Too much consumerism
Too much drinking/drugs/smoking
Educational value
not rated for age

Worst game from Fiaxis Games.

Sid Meiers has brought Firaxis Games plenty of good games including Civilization, Railroads, Alpha Centauri, and Pirates. Lately, however, Sid has been updating his games (this being one of them) and none of them have really been working (except for the Civilization games). While the story is good, and you do get to choose your destiny, the gameplay doesn't allow for an immersive experience that you can enjoy. I like the initial family friendly storyline and thought it among the top twenty of all time. There are also numerous ways to play with adventure, action, item collecting, and strategy involved. Everything seems like it would make this one of the best games ever, but I think the morals really brought me away from it (there is also rhythm style gameplay involved). Vioelnce is not the worst issue of the game. However, you do have plenty of swordfights, and you also witness the death of numeorus soldiers in the strategy sections, and all of this can be done in cold blood rather than self defense and war. Language can sometimes be minor as in insulting. If you dig up a famous pirate's treasure and later talk to him, he will insult you strongly and also there is some minorly violent talk. Although not necssary, you do have the choice of being an all out pirate. This isn't really fun though as you can't get the rewards of a person fighting for an actual country. However, when using this strategy, you will tend to betray your country for the soul purpose of getting wealth out of another nation that has plenty to give you. Crimes are punished as one time the price on my characters head was over 30,000 gold pieces (the Spanish were after me). The sexual content is the worst as every woman you meet (except for the Dutch and Spanish govner's daughters) expose a little too much, and also the tavern ladies will do it as well. What is worse is that they refer to the most sexually dressed ones as being the most beutiful. Also, the tavern lady will also get a little sexual with your guy if he is a good enough pirate. There is a little education as in you play the game, learn about pirates a little, and then refer to the instructions to give you more information about these famous people. This was also based on a real story, so you are learning an "unkown" part of history. All in all, while this game is awsome in gameplay, it isn't in morals. You will find the lack of morals tend to be a little bad (also there is alchoho refrence but no one drinks) and will keep you from enjoying this game. I would stay away from this title and start looking elsewhere.