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Dystopian adventure game, starring a cat.

I just finished the game and had a blast. I was in part evaluating the game for my step-daughter who is an avid cat lover. My wife was a little concerned about some of the instances where the cat gets briefly injured, but it’s back on its feet in no time. So aside from a little tugging at the heartstrings as the cat limps for a minute or two, it’s fine. The story does get a little dark mid-to-late game. There’s some possibly scary environments that you make your way through. As well as some light “combat” and stealth gameplay. But nothing that would be out of place in a PG Disney movie, so I feel that it’s appropriate for the kids. There are a few scenarios where the cat can die, but it’s just the screen going red before a quick reload from the auto save. There’s no blood or gruesome imagery. The gameplay and puzzles can potentially be frustrating. There’s some light hints in-game (via the robot/drone companion), but you’re often left to figure things out on your own. Some objectives aren’t very clear and rarely the controls can feel a little awkward. There are a lot of contextual clues however and it helps to remember that you’re small and nimble. Optional side quests can be time consuming, but do reward adorable little badges for your cat’s harness in-game. Some of the trophies/achievements are quite challenging. The “memories” for your drone companion can be fairly well hidden and provide plot points. So if those are missed, some of the story is left vague. All in all, I think it’s a great game and with small studio expectations, I was very impressed. I spent about 6-7 hours during my play through and still missed a few things. You are able to go back and replay the various chapters of the game to pick up the things you missed or just replay part of the game that you enjoyed.

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age 7+

Rated PG (mild threat, fantasy violence).

MAIN CONTENT ISSUES - There are moments of mild threat throughout the game, mainly when blob-like enemies chase and attack your cat character. There is also some mild fantasy violence, such as when the blob-like enemies jump onto your cat character, the screen slowly turns red indicating that it is being harmed, as well as moments where your character can eliminate enemies by shining a light on them, causing them to explode into dark liquid. | OTHER ISSUES - None. | RATED "PG" - Parental Guidance, some moments may be unsuitable for young children. Contains content generally suitable for children aged 7 years and over.
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age 8+

Stray is a great family game

This game is a great game for your kid! But your cat can die so it might be disturbing to others. This is why i would recommend this game 8+. Other wise this game is great for adults and kids. You are a cat wondering around a big city and exploring the cityscape.

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age 12+

Gets way too violent

If your kid loves cats, they should not play this game. Because the cat will die. A lot. Devoured by weird bug creatures. It's not so bad in the first half, but gets way worse after that. The cat is very well animated, and any kid with descent imagination can see what game over screen really means. Add to that a backdrop of dystopian world where all humans are dead, and this really should have been rated T.

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Too much violence
age 15+

A very cute cat game!!

This game is so beautiful and well made, though it can get hard at times it keeps your attention for awhile it's such a fun game!!! Definitely recommend it.
age 10+

So Cute!

So cute! As with most cats, you cannot make this one do anything s/he doesn't want to do, such as jump unless climbing. You can knead, meow and ask for pets though^.^ The designers of this game did such a wonderful job on creating a realistic cat, including behaviours. Our little feline friend was even knocking down some cans and tracked paw prints through someone's house and had quite the fright. S/he is playful and curious. Such a cute little game! Thank you so much!

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