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Uncharted: Legacy of Thieves Collection

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age 12+

Similar to Indiana Jones

Definitely a good collection of 2 games. In terms of age appropriateness the best way of putting it is exactly the same rating as an Indiana Jones movie. Probably should be rated PG 13 but I don’t think that is a video game rating (also game ratings are messed up). Easy enough to learn and an enjoyable experience.

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Educational value
Easy to play/use
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age 13+

age 11+

Read this if you live in Australia!

I live in Australia and was shocked to learn that this this collection of game is rated MA (or at least It was last time I checked hopefully they have corrected this since), it contains no large amount of violence or bad language and has no other questionable content! It is definitely appropriate for 11 year old's and up and a mature child of younger should be able to handle the games content if not the difficulty. I am just putting this out there in the hope of some fellow Aussie's seeing it, definitely buy and also for the record in every other country it is rated 13+.
age 11+

Good game

I have no fi ished the game though I have played about three hours of uncharted 4 and nathan does say crap,s--t, and jesus, but no f bombs. It is violent and you do kill enemies with gun ad bombs. and with the ps5 upgrade the triggers take more effort to pull as if using a real gun. Nathan lies to his wife. Uncharted the lot legacies side it does say s--t but it is not inappropriate. Violence is the same as uncharted 4 but you can run people over with cars

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Too much violence
Too much swearing