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age 12+

Valheim is a refreshing newcomer in the survival genre

Valheim is a survival game based in Norse mythology. Unlike many open-world games, the game immediately provides you with a goal: find and slay the forsaken, creatures of Myth that even the Norse gods couldn't get rid of permanently. The game is heavily combat-oriented, but not too graphic. From the start, it's very immersive. There's Norse runes that bleed over into readable texts, and although the graphics are a bit old-school, the lighting effects are very advanced. The music really adds to the atmosphere of the game. The game will require players to explore an ever-more dangerous environment in search of resources to obtain better gear and face the next difficulty level. Refreshingly, though, the grind is not particularly long, and because the game allows free repairs of both gear and buildings, everything you gather helps you progress, which reduces frustration a lot. The game offers a lot of room for creativity with it's build system - although it is still early access, there are already plenty of beautiful, inspiring build examples to be found. That said, in solo play there are plenty of possibilities for getting into a problematic spot that will be hard to get out of. Play is better in a cooperative group, but this will expose kids to online play, which parents should be aware is unmoderated. Valheim is geared towards cooperative rather than PVP play, which is also reflected in its (current) community which seems to have a very positive attitude. Good for older kids and teens who are looking for a challenging survival game. Because of the immersiveness and combat oriented play I would not recommend it for younger kids. I'm considering letting my (nearly) twelve year old play it, although I would keep an eye on it and not allow him to play online with strangers.