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age 12+

Retreading of the game won't win any new fans with 'unforgiving' controls.

Wipeout has all the aesthetics of a compelling racing game, but if you're unfamilar, this is not F Zero. The controlls are quite unforgiving and you are 'flying' rather than having any feel whatsoever of grip or real drifting mechanics per se' or interaction with the track besides hitting walls. I couldn't get into this because the floppiness of the flight controls and lack of subtle race mechanics I'm accustomed to that seemed to be all missing. The weapons aren't that fun to use and it all just comes together as to unwieldy for most racing fans with touchy controls that lacked any resemblance to Podracing on the 64 or PS2 or Nintendos F Zero. Perhaps that was what I was exspecting, but if that's you, be warned, this aint THAT by a long shot. I tried repeatedly to tweak setting and TRY to enjoy it, but in the end it just looked Sooo much better than it actually plays and the floppy flight mechanics are just too much to get over for anyone that's not already a fan of the older Wipeout games. (I only rated the game '12 and up' because of the skill curve which may frustrate young players looking for a simple racing game.)