Best Math Games for 1st Grade

Once kids become first graders, many have started to see relationships between numbers and are using early math skills in their lives. Addition and subtraction are often the main focus in school, so practicing those skills using a variety of approaches helps kids develop fluency. Also, continuing to build number sense gives kids more flexibility and mental math ability. Use these educational apps at home to keep learning fun, and explore other tools to keep your little mathematician excited about numbers!

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Kahoot! Algebra by DragonBox Poster Image

Kahoot! Algebra by DragonBox

age 5+

Kids learn concepts of algebra in stellar game app.

Devices: iPhone , iPod Touch , iPad , Android , Kindle Fire (2021)
Marble Math Junior Poster Image

Marble Math Junior

age 5+

Younger kids' version of great math app holds its own.

Devices: iPhone , iPod Touch , iPad , Android , Kindle Fire (2012)
Montessori 1st Operations Poster Image

Montessori 1st Operations

age 5+

Math concept work with clear instruction and fun rewards.

Devices: iPhone , iPod Touch , iPad , Android , Kindle Fire (2013)
Numbala Poster Image


age 6+

Visual lessons, basic math concepts via fun flying game.

Devices: iPhone , iPod Touch , iPad , Android (2018)
Todo Math Poster Image

Todo Math

age 5+

Great daily practice for a range of abilities.

Devices: Android (2014)
Odd Squad: Blob Chase Poster Image

Odd Squad: Blob Chase

age 6+

Capture blobs and problem-solve in fun, leveled games.

Devices: iPad , Android , Kindle Fire (2015)
MathTango Poster Image


age 6+

Monsters dance their way through kids' math practice.

Devices: iPhone , iPod Touch , iPad (2018)
Mathematical Run Poster Image

Mathematical Run

age 7+

Simple gaming helps build fact fluency; no leveling options.

Devices: iPhone , iPod Touch , iPad , Mac , Android (2020)