Best Math Games for 3rd Grade

Third grade is a game changer: Reading to learn instead of learning to read, bigger ideas, and new math skills all come onto the scene. Help your kid transition successfully to "big kid" school by extending their learning at home. This list of apps covers some common math concepts, and many grow with your kid so the games stay engaging and kids keep learning. If you want more educational math apps, check out these free and paid choices! And when your kid is ready, check out our Best Math Games for 4th Grade.

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myBlee Math Poster Image

myBlee Math

age 6+

Wonderfully well-rounded virtual tutor; audio may distract.

Devices: iPhone , iPod Touch , iPad (2015)
Prodigy: Kids Math Game Poster Image

Prodigy: Kids Math Game

age 7+

Fantasy game helps kids become math wizards.

Devices: iPhone , iPod Touch , iPad , Android , Chromebook (2019)
Montessori Math: Multiplication Poster Image

Montessori Math: Multiplication

age 7+

Well-rounded app helps kids master multiplication.

Devices: iPhone , iPod Touch , iPad , Android (2014)
The Land of Learnia Poster Image

The Land of Learnia

age 8+

Solid educational journey lacks tour guide, has purchases.

Devices: iPad , Android (2018)