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Best Math Games for 5th Grade

By fifth grade, many kids are the biggest kids on campus. With a little extra practice, they also can be at the top of their math class! On the brink of middle school and all that comes with it, fifth graders are using a wide array of arithmetic skills and applying them to new challenges. Let your kid explore this list of great educational apps, and check out our STEM-related media! And if your kid is ready for middle school math, try our list of the Best Math Games for 6th Grade.

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Marble Math Poster Image

Marble Math

age 9+

Marble mazes make for fun math practice.

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BrainPOP Icon


age 8+

Videos and activities are fun, accurate, and valuable.

URL: (2012)
CK-12 Poster Image


age 10+

Quality, well-organized math and science lessons.

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Math Snacks Poster Image

Math Snacks

age 10+

Bite-size but meaty collection of entertaining math games.

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Math Agent Poster Image

Math Agent

age 11+

Kids battling with math as their weapons = everyone wins.

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