Classic TV

Television trends come and go, but there's really nothing like the classics. These shows all stand the test of time, no matter the decade they were filmed in or when they take place, from television's earliest years to more recent must-see hits. Whether you're learning with Mister Rogers or laughing with Lucy, these nostalgia-sparking favorites are great to share with kids. For more great picks, check out '90s TV Flashback or PBS Kids TV.

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Sesame Street Poster Image

Sesame Street

age 2+

Classic show endures changes, but learning content remains.

Network: PBS , Max (1969)
Mister Rogers' Neighborhood Poster Image

Mister Rogers' Neighborhood

age 3+

Classic series gently promotes social skills, imagination.

Network: PBS (1968)
Reading Rainbow Poster Image

Reading Rainbow

age 4+

Encouraging kids to read, one book at a time.

Network: PBS (1983)
Lassie (1954) Poster Image

Lassie (1954)

age 5+

One collie, 20 years of old-fashioned family adventures.

Network: Hulu (1954)
The Andy Griffith Show Poster Image

The Andy Griffith Show

age 6+

Cheery classic has positive, kid-friendly lessons.

Network: TV Land (1960)
I Love Lucy Poster Image

I Love Lucy

age 6+

Classic clowning from comic genius; for all ages.

Network: Syndicated , TV Land (1951)
Leave It to Beaver Poster Image

Leave It to Beaver

age 6+

Classic '50s sitcom is dated but still appealing.

Network: TV Land (1957)
The Dick Van Dyke Show Poster Image

The Dick Van Dyke Show

age 7+

Kennedy-era comedy series offers good family fun.

Network: Syndicated , TV Land (1961)
Happy Days Poster Image

Happy Days

age 7+

Aaaaay! Classic feel-good sitcom is hokey but fun.

Little House on the Prairie Poster Image

Little House on the Prairie

age 7+

Classic pioneer drama is one for the books.

Network: Hallmark Channel , Syndicated (1974)
The Abbott and Costello Show Poster Image

The Abbott and Costello Show

age 8+

Slapstick comedy geniuses won't appeal to everyone.

Network: Hulu (1952)
The Dick Tracy Show Poster Image

The Dick Tracy Show

age 8+

Classic cartoon mixes detective work, guns, and stereotypes.

Network: Hulu (1961)
Family Ties Poster Image

Family Ties

age 11+

Classic 1980s sitcom's messages still ring true today.

The Lone Ranger Poster Image

The Lone Ranger

age 8+

Classic cowboy series still great, but lots of stereotypes.

Network: Hulu (1949)
Lost in Space Poster Image

Lost in Space

age 8+

Sci-fi classic is dated and hokey but still entertains.

Network: Hulu (1965)
Mr. Peabody & Sherman Poster Image

Mr. Peabody & Sherman

age 8+

Witty classic time-travel cartoon appeals more to adults.

Network: Hulu (1959)
The Roy Rogers Show Poster Image

The Roy Rogers Show

age 8+

Classic Western offers adventure, positive themes, fighting.

Network: Hulu (1951)
The Honeymooners Poster Image

The Honeymooners

age 10+

Classic couples' comedy bears sexist signs of the times.

Network: CBS (1955)
The Wonder Years Poster Image

The Wonder Years

age 12+

Nostalgic coming-of-age sitcom still charms.

Keeping Up Appearances Poster Image

Keeping Up Appearances

age 13+

Superb British comedy classic skewers snobbery.

Network: BBC America , PBS (1990)