Podcasts That Help Kids Talk About Feelings

Emotions are an inherent part of being human, but since kids are still growing and learning about the world, it can sometimes be hard for them to find the right words to express what they're feeling. When that happens, the result can be tantrums, shutting down, or withdrawing altogether. Don't worry: It's all part of growing up! To help, we've rounded up the best podcasts that prompt kids and families to have healthy conversations around emotions, offer ideas on how to identify moods, and teach how to celebrate and accept feelings instead of hiding them. Big feelings won't ever go away, but building skills for voicing them in productive ways will help kids feel validated and heard while maybe avoiding some meltdowns. (Spoiler alert: Those will still happen, but maybe you'll have a better understanding of why). You might even find some tools for helping you communicate your own emotions more effectively. For more ways to build your kids' empathy and emotional regulation, check out Kids' Podcasts for Social-Emotional Learning and Best Mindfulness Podcasts for Kids.

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Be Calm on Ahway Island poster

Be Calm on Ahway Island

age 3+

Bedtime stories and meditations with positive messages.

Production company: Sheep Jam Productions (Average run time: 20 minutes)
A casually dressed little girl with dark brown skin smiles with a teddy bear and cat in front of a brownstone house.

What's Poppin' Penny?

age 3+

Sweet and clear lessons about grief, family, and safety.

Production company: Preschool Family Productions (Average run time: 10 minutes)
Heart wearing headphones

Little Kids, Big Hearts

age 3+

Helps younger kids develop social and emotional skills.

Production company: Sparkler Learning (Average run time: 20 minutes)
Good Morning, Good Night podcast image

Good Morning, Good Night

age 3+

Mindfulness, affirmations, movement for morning and night.

Production company: A Kids Company About (Average run time: 5 minutes)
girl tales podcast logo, pink fist holding a wand

Girl Tales

age 4+

Reimagined fairy tales ditch the "damsel in distress" trope.

Production company: Cordelia Studios (Average run time: 20 minutes)
The Emotion Motion Podcast Poster

The Emotion Motion Podcast

age 4+

Underwater adventure teaches social-emotional learning.

Production company: Move This World Audio Network (Average run time: 20 minutes)
Mini Meditations Picture

Mini Meditations for Kids

age 5+

Short mindfulness practices in English and Ukrainian.

Production company: The Paper Girls Show (Average run time: 5 minutes)
The Imagine Neighborhood poster

The Imagine Neighborhood

age 5+

Emotional learning in imaginative world; wacky characters.

Production company: Committee for Children (Average run time: 20 minutes)
A Kids Book About: The Podcast Poster

A Kids Book About: The Podcast

age 8+

Important relevant topics tackled, some difficult content.

Production company: A Kids Company About (Average run time: 18 minutes)
Colorful background with Music Blocks written across it

Music Blocks

age 10+

Bite-sized episodes explore how music conveys emotions.

Production company: Colorado Public Radio (Average run time: 5 minutes)
Mostly Mindful for Teens and Tweens Image

Mostly Mindful for Teens and Tweens

age 11+

Quick mindfulness practices to build resiliency.

Production company: Independent (Average run time: 10 minutes)