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age 9+

Great movie

In general, it was really good. I think the parents are overacting about the sexual content, in this day and age, I’d say most nine year old kids can watch it, because that’s around the age where you learn about that kind of stuff. It wasn’t like any really bad sexual stuff though, and I don’t understand why parents are overreacting so much.
age 8+
Has been many years since I've seen this movie. I only remember this attracts a younger audience and not really older teens or adults.
age 13+

I hated it so much!

Sex, minor violence, kidnapping, and just an overall horrible plot and movie!

This title has:

Too much violence
Too much sex
age 18+

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age 7+

Not Cool.

Toby Barks ripoff.
age 9+


First of all, I want to make it clear that there are many, many movies and tv shows that feature sensual leers from boys to girls and vice versa. Such features like Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, Back to the Future (Part 1), Adventure Time, Spider-Man Far From Home, Surf's Up, and many more indicate very well that these scenes in the movie are nothing new and parents shouldn't be surprised. Cleavage is not so much a big deal now, either. Kids of any age will see many teenage girls wearing far more revealing clothes at the beach, the mall, or in school. The humor is funny! The plot is so-so, mostly good, the movie in general is just awesome!
age 7+

Exaggerated kids spy movie is appropriate but stupid

Parents need to know that this movies is no high school James Bond it just some bad effects exaggerated spy movie which is trash. I don’t know why parents are giving bad reviews from a few sexual references and saying 12 and up like that it so dumb. What I think is don’t watch it at all cause it is stupid and dumb film. There is lots of exaggeration in the action violence which isn’t fun it is just cheesy. No one really dies on camera and it is just very cheesy when the action happens. Also is the sexual innuendo which while there is a bit of it, it is so cheesy and embarrassing that some people act like this in real life. But parents are making such a big deal of it cause it is bad but the kids probably won’t even act like that cause it is so cheesy and dumb to act like that. There is some mild potty humor and uses of crap and hell and stuff like that. This movie is trash and the action sucks and just know that the sexuality is mild so don’t make a big deal saying it is inappropriate but it is cheesy and stupid. I think they tried making a kid James Bond but failed so hard to try making it a kids movie it is so cheesy and is trash. My rating is PG For some action and mild innuendo and brief mild language
age 9+


I like the idea. There are some parts where people don't have much on. There's a kissing part. There's a lot of violence but I think most kids 9+ could handle it. There's a LOT of boyfriend girlfriend stuff. Overall it was ok just average with some cool and exciting parts.

This title has:

Too much violence
Too much sex
age 10+

Okay, I guess

A few inappropriate references, including a part where Cody uses his x-ray glasses to see two women's bras and underwear. There is a graphic death at the end, which may scare young children. Otherwise, good movie, funny, even though there is bad references (as mentioned) and violence
age 6+

It's fine but you are sure to cringe

Meh. Too cheesy and cringey though.

This title has:

Great role models