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Arlington Road

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age 3+

Good movie should watch

This title has:

Educational value
Great messages
Great role models
age 17+

Haunting and very realistic movie about terrorism

I think Commonsensemedia have been harsh here - it’s definitely worth more than 3stars. It is an incredible movie with amazing acting and will keep u on the edge of your seat throughout. HOWEVER, it is very haunting, disturbing and realistic - it does open your eyes. If you have a kid who is 16/17 and they’re mature, then by all means watch it with them. It is a masterpiece. However, be wary that it is haunting and the ending is a shock.
age 15+

Adults or mature teens only - no kids

My son is very mature for age 14 - HE could probably 'handle' it. However, I don't plan to show it to him (we don't even do most PG-13 with him yet!). As stated, it is 'hauntingly' realistic and VERY thought-provoking. It is an intense thriller that can be a real eye-opener for adults. As a former soldier and concscientous conservative patriot, I enjoyed the movie immensely, however, I cannot say that I recommend it for ANY one under the recommended age for Rated-R movies (age 17). The four stars is for adults - children should NOT watch it.

This title has:

Too much swearing