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age 15+

Excellent, Breathless Thriller about pre-9/11 Terrorism

I love this movie. Fair enough, it is a little depressing. This movie is not very "exciting," and much of the entertainment lies in the situations and the dialogue. Young kids will simply not enjoy it, but the older teens, will not get a good breath until the movie is over. The movie ends with the protagonist, Jeff Bridges, being killed in a bombing by antagonist Tim Robbins. There are no uplifting themes to this movie. Jeff Bridges spends the time after his wife was killed in a mistaken FBI raid, and spends the rest of his life obsessing about terrorist activity, only to be killed by one. The movie is very entertaining, but don't go expecting to feel wonderful after the film has ended. The film is very thought provoking, in that Jeff Bridges' character died in the same way as another presumed terrorist that he taught about in his college class. (Jeff Bridges was accused and remembered as a terrorist after his death, as the bomb that detonated came from his car) They even knew the same people. This leads the audience to think that perhaps the other terrorist was innocent as well. As for inappropriate content, there is a bit of swearing, (two or three f-words) and implied sex between the protagonist and his girlfriend. A fist-fight, a car chase, a shoot-out, and of course a bombing also occur. Other than that, the rest of the movie is dialogue. This movie is fine if you think your kid can handle the intensity and dark undertone of the film.