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Atlantis: Milo's Return

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It's ok, characters are less mean spirited

Also, you need to know that this was 3 episodes of the aborted TV show "Team Atlantis" that was cancelled due to the first film doing not as well as expected (though they did rather well compared to some films). These 3 were already finished so they merged them with some additional animation to make a direct to video film. So if you think of it as a TV show, and not so much as a movie, it's rather good, like the first film.
age 8+

Scarier than the first movie

This sequel is very different than the original. The plot is too complicated for younger children. Milo and the Atlantis crew go on missions on the surface to save earth from supernatural creatures & gods threatening to destroy life. Each mission is like a ghost story complete with glowing eyes, monsters, tense chase scenes, possessed humans and demon like creatures. There is also a lot of violence, characters in danger and hand to hand fighting.

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Too much violence