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It's long on the action, but short on the storyline.
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Crappy in Every Aspect

I've seen this movie at least twice all the way through. My sister and I tried to watch it, and we didn't even get through ten minutes of it before she said "Can we not watch this?" First of all, the animation was bad. The first movie did have both 2-D and 3-D animation, but it was presented in a way that flowed pretty well. This sequel, made people on the 3-D vehicles look like paper cutouts. Second of all, it was just ridiculous. It was obvious that they threw popular things from the first movie together and using it for money. The plot was poor, and there were three stories thrown into one movie. I did see the comment about the film being episodes from a canceled TV show, which makes sense. One thing's for sure, the movie sucked, and the TV show would've too.
age 6+

This Was Disappointing

First of all, WATCH THE FIRST MOVE! It is a LOT better than this one. Here are the reasons: 1. The actors give a spot on performance in the first movie. Michael J. Fox was perfect for portraying Milo and thanks to him, the movie has well comedy and strong emotion. He doesn't voice Milo in this one. It seemed really long and drawn out because the actors in this movie were different and didn't give as good of a performance as the people in the first one. 2. The animation is different. It seemed a little less good quality. Usually things like that don't usually bother me but, it drove me crazy because the characters looked a little different and it just wasn't the same. 3. The storyline. It was way too predictable. You knew exactly what was going to happen. There were no twists and unexpected things that happened. The same thing happened in the different place they went to. The first one had a very good plot and amazing action. Anyways, Atlantis: The Lost Empire is my favorite Disney movie. They should have just left the sequel alone. It was hard to watch. So I encourage you to just watch the first one, but if you do want to watch this one just to find out what happens, it's okay. It was disappointing for me but that's just me. I am warning you, it will not be the same as the first one.
age 6+
I'm watching it right now, I love it. I would be concerned about the scary creatures involved tho. But Ya'll will LOVE it.

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