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age 4+

Perfect movie

This is one of my top 10 favorite movies and am so glad we choose it for our last movie night. My 2 and 4 year old loved it and asked to watch it again the next day. It wont be for every family. It has no dialogue but doesn’t need any with an incredible soundtrack and stunning art work. The themes of capitalism, culture, environmentalism, poverty, exploitation, family and friendship are beautifully told. These themes give movie night a lot to dig into to for sure. There are some slightly scary scenes that depict war and revolution and culminates as two birds fighting- I think the colorful bird represents the culture of the boy’s family and the other black bird represents the modern world and consumerism. The battle is intense and leaves the land dark and ruined. Also the boy’s father leaves in the beginning and doesn’t come back- the movie is a story of him trying to find his father and could be intense for sensitive children. The boy meets friends along the way who are kind to him but experiences many sad and beautiful things in the world. So again, not for every family but we all really enjoyed it.

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age 8+

Beautiful animation-perfect for conversation

It was challenging to get my 9 year old to accept a movie with no dialog. With some encouragement he came around about 20 minutes in. Because the movie lacked dialog we were able to discuss our impressions of the plot real-time.
age 12+

Maybe more a film for adults than children?

I chose this film for a family movie night based on the Common Sense description and parent reviews. I liked the idea of exposing my children to an international family-focused animated film with an environmental angle. I personally liked the film, but my 10-year-old was super restless. In fact, he ended up getting so agitated at the slow pace (it is slow-paced) that he temporarily boycotted the film and then ended up watching it from around the corner in another room. My 8-year-old was fine with the film, but admitted it wasn't one of her favorites. The ending of this movie is somewhat dark (though at the same time hopeful) and fairly nuanced. I'm glad I chose this film instead of Hotel Transylvania 3, which my kids were lobbying for, and I think a number of the images from the movie will stick with my kids. But I don't know that I'd really classify this as a kids film.
age 10+

Gorgeous but Very Disturbing

Just a heads up, if you have a child like mine who is very sensitive (aka anxious) about environmental issues (Wall-E is also a movie she won't watch again, though I don't think most young children react similarly ), this is a beautiful but very bleak and disturbing film. Also, although both the other reviewer and the common sense review imply that the child is reunited with his Father at the end, that is not the case and the ending is very bleak, and heartbreaking. There is a message about art and beauty persevering through all manner of environmental damage, war, and human trauma, but it was not a great choice for my sensitive (almost)7 year old. She wanted to turn it off many times, but because the reviews said it ended happily I thought it would be better to stick it out. It was not. She uses this movie as a litmus test for all others (e.g., Is it as bad (meaning upsetting, playing over in her brain, etc...) as Boy and the World?) A bit of a parent fail on my part, but hey, you can't shield them from everything right? Just saying, if I had to do it again, I wouldn't show her this.
age 5+

wonderful movie

beautiful movie, found it by accident, and was really surprised! both my 5yr and 9yr loved this movie, and were captivated by the story. Its a slow movie, with nearly no talking at all, but the amazing visuals and music makes up for all that. My children actully sat down and discussed the movie afterwards, on what was happening, and how they felt after watching it, which they have never done before! My youngest felt very happy to see the happy ending, when the boy finds his family. I would highly reccomend it as a younger child/child family movie, and even worth buying in the movie collection :)

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