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Cassandra's Dream

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age 13+

Atypical Allen dramedy

While sites I've visited have labeled this a crime drama, I'd put it more in the dramedy section of Allen's work, along with the recent "Blue Jasmine." I really enjoyed the movie, and the differences between the brothers, even though they're not bickering, but simply going through the same moral dilemma with differing views. I just felt the film didn't have great balance, the latter half significantly darker than the first. But McGregor and Farrell really come to play in these roles, especially Farrell who's Terry is deeply haunted.

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Too much drinking/drugs/smoking
age 8+

You have got to be kidding me

15+?????? Are you serious? This is an incredible entry into drama from Woody Allen, very tame and you give it 15+? Violence is implied, but rarely shown, sex has some references, but nothing major, very mild language. But anyway, Woody Allen, has produced comedy successes such as "Take The Money And Run" and, now he go's into drama. When Woody Allen does, it is a huge success. Packed with suspense, and tension this is a must see. Ignore the over protective review from common sense, this movie is iffy for age 8, on for age 9.