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Christmas Cupid!

I think this movie is a good movie, although some things about it just do not make sense. Like sloans has to “change her ways and become a better person”, but she doesn’t need a man (Patrick) to do that. I do think the movie is very, very funny and Ashley benson nailed her role . There is kissing, and talk about buying h3rpes medication, phrases like “she put out”, and mild language like h*ll, b*tch, etc. overall I think TVs good for 13+

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Great role models
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it looks like it was filmed on an iphone for a school project, i refuse to believe the budget for this movie was more than 100 pounds
age 10+

Awesome Movie!!

This is a great movie! I really enjoyed it!!! If you are a kid who kinda freaks out about ghosts don't watch this when Caitlin dies you don't see the death but the phone calls are creepy. Although there is little talk about sleeping with people and asking about a sex tape there is no scene where you see any sex. The main actors do say screw it a lot but there are adults and most do use that language. The swears words are minimum including ass, damn, hell, and a man saws bitchatude which he means bitch. If you want to watch this with a parent so they can explain things to you than that's good. But i would find it awkward to watch this with a parent. There is a great message to this but there are some iffy scenes with Caitlin. I highly recommend this it's great for Tweens and teens even adults. Not to much about christmas though so if you are looking for one about jollyness and christmas spirt this might not be for you. There are christmas carol like things but it's not to Christmassy. I like this movie!!!!!
age 13+

Christmas Cupid Review

It was really good movie. I agree you shouldn't compare Christmas carol with it. The story had a message for teens saying that you should spend time with the people you love around Christmas. There's a few parts were the main character said a few swear words, but it's not too much that teens couldn't watch. Only in the beginning was there were some drinking, but overall there wasn't much more parts that had drinking. There a little talk about sex, but not too much though. There's just one part where someone sleeps with her boss, but although than that there wasn't much sex in it. I really love it, when I'm grow up it would be a great movie to watch as a family, it teaches you a lot of not being alone and to be your true self. I just love it, perfect.

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Great messages
Great role models
Too much sex
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Perfect for tween and teen sleepovers!

Christmas cupid is a lol-tastic movie that is SOOOO enjoyable! It's a little cheesy but I think they pulled it off. :)