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Incorrectly rated

I think this should be pg-13. There isn’t cussing but they say something about “naked girls in Vegas” and “making out”. Then there is a scene with a boy lusting over a girl who is wearing a tight shirt . My 9 yo & I stopped watching it half way through.
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age 14+

not appropriate for kids under 14

This movie would be just fine for kids except that they show one character looking at a girlie magazine and stroking the picture of the scantily clad girl!!! Totally inappropriate and uncalled for! I would not let a child under 14 watch this.

This title has:

Too much sex
age 10+

Didn't even meet low expectations - boring to young kids, laughable to pre-teens, painful for adults

Yet another movie that tries to cater to all ages but ends up being a mess for pretty much everybody. Kids will probably forgive most of its most glaring plot/logic/dialog issues, but even still, there is too much teenage romance for younger kids (who were bored for long stretches, while it just made an 11 year old uncomfortable). How this got multiple stars is a mystery. Story problems, very uneven acting and a depiction of high schoolers that seemed both incredibly outdated and condescending make this a wise one to skip.
age 10+

i love you Jesse Bradford sooo much!!!

A cool movie so what if you actually got to freeze time? i thought Jesse Bradford was sooo cute in Clockstoppers. this really is a cool movie great for ages 10 and up!!!

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Educational value
Great messages
age 10+

Very entertaining.....but why all the innuendo?

I had a great time watching this with my husband and kids. It was a totally blind pick off the shelf at Blockbuster. There might be some validity in calling it a "poor man's 'Back To The Future'" (many similarities despite no time travel) but it is an entertaining little movie that can appeal to children and adults. Perhaps it's just that I have preteen/earlyteen boys.....but I am always left dissapointed by the seeming insistance of tween-flick directors to include innapropriate dress of female characters and other odd insinuations. (In other words, the girl in the film would be sent home from my son's middle school if she came wearing clothes from the movie.) Kids will love the action, easy-to-follow storyline and strong male lead. Also some nice family bonding in the story. Parents will notice: * Female lead who has heavy accent in the first scene and none throughout the rest of the film * Obvious plot holes * Female lead frequently dressed in high cutoff shirts and low rise pants/skirts * Male co-star mentioning going to a party because of the likelyhood of seeing "naked girls in the pool" * Male co-star briefly seen fingering the pictures of lingerie models in a magazine There are a few very, very innocent kisses, appropriate for most age groups. Perhaps I am more sensitive than most to the above-mentioned items, but I have to put them down since the overall report only mentions "kissing" as a concern. On the whole, an entertaining movie for late-elementary ages and up.

This title has:

Too much sex
age 5+

Decent Kids SciFi

OK for some