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age 6+


I watched this a few years ago... all I remember was that it was pretty boring.
age 8+


Dadnapped is an okay film that you have to pay VERY CLOSE ATTENTION to. The movie can lose you easily so then the movie would seem like a disaster but if you pay attention to it it seems well. Overall Dadnapped Is an okay movie
age 7+

Typical DCOM

This is your average dcom; predictable plot about a main charcter's problem (usually a female), and at the end everything's okay. Although it had good actors (Emily Osment), I didn't really like it. Actually I don't really like a lot of dcoms because they're so predictable. And the main character did seem spoiled, but she was neglected by her dad, so that may have been why.
age 7+

leave it

it is okay. it is very crazy and vilolent. okay and it is a little freaky.:(

This title has:

Too much violence
age 9+

Snobby Characters mixed into a Sappy Tragity

Oh my gosh, why are all of these 'Original Disney' movies so suckish. All of the main characters are snobby and get their way easy, same plots but different stories, there's always this snobby cool kid, its just freakin annoying, in Dadnapped the main girl is rude and selfish the ENTIRE time, rolling her eyes and going 'whatever' she has weird halusinations, and why the heck would a bunch of nerds steal a comic book writer? The acting stunk (sorry, but its true) and it seems like they bash all of the 'sitcom' stars together into a big trainwreck. In Hatching Pete.. wow that was just bizar. People are too preppy in these movies, I only liked Bryan Stipanick. The plots make little sense dispite the fact I watched it 3 times to try to make sense of it. Nope, no sense. Although its a little better than Dadnapped. I think Disney Channel needs to just STOP making these crappy movies and think to themselves for a few months, actually read peoples complains. They're just wasting their millions which they mysteriously got. Little kids deserve to watch better things than this. I grew up with cartoons, they're growing up with horrible no-sense sitcoms that teach bad messages. I got a cousin that acts like Miley Cyrus, and she's 4. 4!! Sorry, this sounds a little like a hate-speech. But the truth must be told.

This title has:

Too much sex
Too much swearing
Too much consumerism
age 6+


Boring! Maybe little kids would like it, but I didn't. Not at all as good as Hatching Pete- which was actually a good movie.
age 2+

Its like a maze!

I agree with the last two comments, this WAS a dreadful movie! It truely made no sense at all. It made my head hurt. I'm sorry, but there is a reason it didn't make to theaters ( which I'm sure they weren't planning on anyways ) anyway, the main character is rude, annoying, and always complaining, and the rolling eyes thing is old. She seems neglected a little, but spoiled, even though her parents ( try-to-try ) and truely what did they dadnap him for? I watched the movie, but it made no sense. Just don't watch it.
age 2+

I'm concerned to all who watch this dreadful movie

This was by far one of the worst movies I ever had to witness! BAD BAD BAD, the idea wasn't even good! Who would truely want to kidnap a comic book writer? And the main character was being rude to everyone the intire time! I am sorry, but no way was that movie worth it!
age 2+

Dadnap this movie PLEASE!

Wow. . I'm sorry, but that was a stinky movie, bad acting, and the main character was a whiny little brat, I know she was upset, I understand that, but yell, whine, gripe was all she did, it made hardly ANY sense either. My head hurt after that!