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5 year olds didn't mind at all

My twin 5 year old girls didn't seem to think this was too scary. They aren't the most daring either; they were still talking about the Grinch in March. We are pretty tight on what they watch and are exposed to and other than the less-than-Pixar animation quality, nothing seemed bad. The mentioning of the Saw movies is a total farce. Dracula says "chainsaw movies" so quickly, I don't think anyone would've noticed it. I only did because I was looking out for it, I had to go back later and make sure that's what another reviewer said. It was never over the top scary, there was a positive message. Throw your tv out if you don't want them exposed to anything remotely negative. Most stories have conflict in them, so we have a resolution. It's a part of life. It's a Halloween movie with Dracula in the title, I don't know exactly what you're expecting. Rent Noah's Arc if you're looking for something a little more wholesome. SPOILER ALERT - Earth is flooded and some animals were probably...KILLED. As far as the bullying thing goes, it's nothing too extreme and you can TALK TO YOUR CHILDREN! Don't let the tv be the only influence on them. If they're over 5, they can probably understand reason and emotion. Take responsibility for raising your kids.
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age 5+

Cute movie

This was a cute movie. Maybe if the person above had finished the movie they would have seen they address the bully issue which is minimal to begin with. As far as believing kids would just go around playing with deadly spiders is just silly. I recommend this movie.
age 16+

Definitely not for 5+

I was excited to see this positive rating on csm. My daughter loves vampires and I was so happy to see a movie review that said there wasn’t any violence and had great role models. I made her stop watching it after about :20 min (with some tears). I think words of “violence” equate with violence. I think maybe we teach kids to make fun of others by showing it. I didn’t like the scene where main character encounters a group of kids that make fun of him. I was done after he described a movie to his new vampire friend, one that was about a crazy killer (it was a reference to a Saw type movie). My daughter doesn’t even know what “killing” is and I definitely don’t want her to know that humans kill other humans! Violence doesn’t have to be physically showing violence it can be talking about and referencing!!
age 16+


Let little kids get wht ever they want teaching children to be spoiled brats teaching kids to play with Poisonous spiders making kids scared of Halloween Also teaching kids to be mean

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Too much consumerism
age 15+


This movie is wildly inappropriate for younger children. The grandma is horribly offensive with an exaggerated posterior and the jokes aren't funny. Skip this one if you don't believe in your kids touching and playing with poisonous spiders. Bad messages are also sent about not having confidence. Drinking is over the top.

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Too much violence
Too much sex
Too much swearing
Too much drinking/drugs/smoking