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age 14+

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age 13+

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age 13+

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age 15+

Some rude bits but nothing a 12 year old couldn't see

I watched this when I was 9 and loved it even if I didn't get all the jokes I found it really funny and I would say this movie is fine for 12+ some parts may freak a child out but none of those parts are meant to be really scary its just meant to be funny and taken lightly. Some of the langeage is a bit to much for a movie thats rated PG but nothing bad. Fun film. It is sexual sometimes I will say but nothing a 12/13 year old will take notice off.

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Too much swearing
age 14+

this extremely funny gross out comedy is meant for older kids

Parents need to know that this movie is filled with silly raunchy humor that makes this movie not for little kids. There is non-stop sexual humor, including an extended scene where they take a bug out of a man's anus, There is some comic violence, there is also some strong language, But other than that, it is a funny movie.
age 10+

a really funny movie

a funny movie. some sexual jokes and some language like the s-word is used around 4-5 times one d-word d**n is used a few times one b***h and some milder stuff. a alien rampages threw a shopping mall it picks up a women and flys around with her(shes not hurt). the shopping mall alien is shot with a shotgun a few times(brief no blood). a few aliens suffocate it can be a bit scary to young viewers. aliens corpses are seen it can scare young viewers. an alien bursts green goo flys everywhere. an alien flys into a mans body you can see it moving around in his body. a gorilla like alien is shot some blue blood can be seen. i dont know what csm is saying about the 14+ thing it think ist around 10+
age 13+

Mediocre, Unwatchable, and NOT for Anyone Under 12 or 13

This movie, as good as it seems, is very hard to watch and gross. Middle schoolers and older should watch this, and here's why: Sex(yellow): some kissing; references to sexual and asexual reproduction in funny ways; some implied making out; some short scenes of mild sex-related actions. Violence(yellow): many gross out scenes involving worms and aliens. Language(yellow): the "d"- word is used.
not rated for age

This movie was scarey because of alien creatures that killed people.

This movie was scarey because alien creatures killed people, but they were not that real looking so it was easy to get over being scared. The movie was also funny because of the way the actors joked together. It is an ok movie, but not the best movie I've ever seen.