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I just don’t understand!

How are there excuses to have REAL little boys FULL FRONTAL NUDE in this movie and pan over to them not once BUT twice? The director's couldn’t get ADULTS to portray this scene? Why little boys being naked for the movie? Pretty sure if people found images pertaining to THAT exact scene on their computer, they’d be arrested. That was a completely unnecessary scene!
age 12+

Great with parental education about issues

This is probably Robin William's best movie. It shows his ultimate talent with lots of improvised lines that make the movie what it is. There are issues in this movie that are good lessons for our kids, but they need to be discussed. These are good learning opportunities if guidance is provided.
age 13+

good morning vietnam - movie

Quite an informational film that is also very funny and well-written. Great for teens who have a sense of humor.
age 14+

How Williams should be remembered

There are countless Robin Williams roles that will go down in history, Dr. Maguire, Genie, Mrs. Doubtfire, etc. But I don't think I'll come across another Williams movie that captured HIS persona so well, mostly because when he found the script he had it tailored to his comic abilities. Will modern audiences understand a lot of the 60s references? Probably not. You don't have to, his dizzying, hilarious comic genius is whip fast and unrelenting, and everything he does is humorous in some way. The film itself is great as well, with a good supporting cast and a healthy mix of drama because, after all, this was a backdrop to a horrific war. Come for Williams, stay for the great music, acting, and a lot of good laughs.

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Too much violence
Too much swearing