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Practically an "R" rated beginning

We started watching this movie with our 12 and 8 year old. The beginning of the movie depicted the lead character in several questionable situations that forced us to turn the movie off. Here's why...the dialogue focused on discussions of drinking and smoking pot. Secondly, there were several scenes where Gracie tries to not go all the way with a guy, but the boy is practically raping her - however she does ultimately push him away. Finally, there was a scene where Gracie and her friend take their parents car (when they don't have their drivers licence) to go out for a night of partying with college guys. We thought this was supposed to be a movie about a girl trying to play soccer, not a dating/drinking/drugs/sex movie! Come on Hollywood, it's OK to make a family movie; heck you may even sell more tickets if we COULD take our kids.

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Too much sex
Too much drinking/drugs/smoking
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age 10+

I liked it.

I just watched it and I thought it was good. I will watch it again.

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Great messages